I have prepared this letter for the residents of Ward One to share my goals and ideas about Ryal Side. From time to time, the letter will change, to focus on various issues of concern to Ward One.

Dear Constituent,

Over the past twelve years, you have given me the distinct honor of representing the residents of Ward One. I value the trust you have given me and have worked together with our community to address the challenges and issues we face.

I believe in honest, open government that maintains a fair approach to dealing with community concerns. I have spoken with hundreds of you to get your input on the issues that matter. I have made my judgements and decisions based on your feedback and participation. As your ward representative, I will continue to seek your input, work to resolve your issues within the governmental process, and look to the future for a better Ryal Side.

Upon reflection, we have accomplished much in the past twelve years. One has only to look at the revitalization of our schools, our parks, and our infrastructure to realize this. There is much more to accomplish, yet I am optimistic that with your continued confidence and support, I will be able to achieve our goal of making Ryal Side and Beverly an even better place to live.

Even through adverse times, I have maintained a vision for the future, one in which excellence in education, economic enrichment, and quality of life are priorities that matter.

Experience, leadership skills, and hard work is needed now more than ever. I ask for your consideration on November 4th, 2003.

Maureen Troubetaris
Councilor, Ward One

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