In my twelve years as city councilor for Ward One of Beverly, I have sought to advance the needs and concerns of my constituents. I have listened to each of you, and the following reflects some of the ways in which your voice has been heard in City Hall.

Maureen Troubetaris has:

  • Helped secure two additions to Ayers Ryal Side School.
  • Worked vigorously to ensure the purchase of Green’s Hill for Open Space.
  • Co-authored the ordinance that created the Open Space Committee.
  • Campaigned for the re-construction of Route 62.
  • Promoted the revitalization of our parks.
  • Consistently supported improvements in the quality of education for our children.
  • Opposed the over development of Ryal Side.
  • Extended the sewer line to Riverview Street and helped to resolve numerous drainage problems throughout Ryal Side.
  • Worked continuously to improve the infrastructure.
  • Supported environmental issues and worked to protect our water supply.
  • Co-authored the ordinance that created the Solid Waste Management Committee.

Personal Milestones
Here I share some of my personal accomplishments, important points in my life that have helped to define who I am and inform my goals:

  • Home Owner, Life-Long Beverly Resident
  • Former Maureen Day, Widow of Ed Troubetaris, Mother of Patricia and Tammy
  • Beverly Public Schools, Class of ‘61
  • Attended Boston University, Salem State College, and North Shore Community College
  • Bodily Injury Claims Adjuster
  • Former Production Manager
  • Past President, Ryal Side Civic Association
  • Past Member, Beverly Soccer Boosters
  • Citizen’s Advisory Committee, South Essex Sewerage District, 1980–1991
  • Member, Board of Directors, Beverly Children’s Learning Center
  • Member, Democratic City Committee
  • Chairperson, Public Service Aid Committee, 1998–1999
  • Chairperson, Legal Affairs and Accounts Committee, 1994–1997, 2000–2003
  • Member, Charter Review Committee
  • Member, Ordinance Review Committee
  • Member, Master Plan Steering Committee
  • Member, Beverly Harbor Management Committee


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