I wish to extend a warm welcome to my fellow neighbors and friends. This is my virtual home on the Web, a way to extend myself further to my constituency in this increasingly digital age. It is my goal that you find it an informative resource and method with which to share your important opinions about your community of Ward One and of Beverly, the city you call home.

Look to the Future!
This year, I am running for re-election as your councilor for Ward One. I have worked hard these past twelve years to bring your concerns to the forefront of our city’s policies. I have prepared a letter to my constituents that you may read by clicking here. Or, examine my past accomplishments while in office, or learn about my personal milestones. With your continued participation, we can keep making a difference in Beverly's city government!

Show Your Support!
If you would like to host a sign for your yard, display a bumper sticker, or hold a sign on November 4th, please contact me using my online contact form by clicking here or call (978) 927-5681.

Don't Forget to Vote on November 4th!
For rides to the polls, call (978) 927-5681. Voting is held at Ayers Ryal Side School for both precincts from 7am to 8pm.

Get Involved!
Join Maureen’s email list to receive updates on important issues to Ward One, campaign events, and community happenings!